The Lee Look Fund for Spinal Injury

The Lee Look Fund for Spinal Injury is a permanent fund within The Community Foundation of Louisville.  The Community Foundation administers funds created by donors to support their charitable interests in the Louisville area and beyond.  The Lee Look Fund supports organizations that conduct spinal injury research or help people living with spinal injuries.


My Story


In 1999, while living in Los Angeles, I injured my neck in an accident.  Following an examination and x-rays at a medical center, the diagnosis provided by the physicians was a “sprain.”  I left with instructions to “take Advil.”


Three weeks later, I was still in pain.  I had my x-rays sent to my hometown of Louisville, Kentucky to be read by a radiologist and neurosurgeon.  I then received a phone call at 4:00 a.m. to “get on a plane.”  I flew to Louisville and had a CT scan and an MRI.  The next day, I had my fifth and sixth vertebrae fused with a steel plate and a bone graft from my hip.  Now I wake up every morning thankful that I am able to do simple things like walking and brushing my teeth.


After much work, I came into a sum of money, which is not rightfully mine.  It belongs to those persons with spinal injuries who are not as fortunate—who did not get the same care—who were not living under the same star.


I started the Lee Look Fund for Spinal Injury to help the thousands of people dealing with the challenges of living with a spinal injury.  The fund will also support research that will hopefully find more effective treatments, therapies and even cures for the types of disabilities that result from spinal injuries.

For More Information

To make a tax-deductible contribution of cash, stock or other appreciated assets to the Lee Look Fund for Spinal Injury, contact The Community Foundation of Louisville at (502) 585-4649.


To apply for a grant from the Lee Look Fund, contact Ms. Anne McKune, Community Foundation Director of Grants, at or click here for an application.  Please note: this fund can not make grants to individuals; it can only support 501(c)(3) public charities. 


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